Two Lines

Aurora interea miseris mortalibus almam
extulerat lucem, referens opera atque labores.
(Virgil, Aeneid, Book XI)

Aurora rose, spreading her pitying light,
And with it bringing back to sight the labors
Of sad mortality, what men have done,
And what has been done to them; and what they must do
To mourn.
(David Ferry, 2017)

Meanwhile, Dawn raised her nurturing light and summoned
Wretched mankind to its work and hardship.
(Sarah Ruden, 2008)

the Dawn had raised her light that gives men life,
wretched men, calling them back to labor
and mortal struggle.
(Robert Fagles, 2006)

Dawn at that hour
Brought on her kindly light for ill mankind,
Arousing men to labor and distress.
(Robert Fitzgerald, 1981)

Meanwhile Dawn had lifted up her kindly light for weary men,
recalling them to task and toil.
(H Rushton Fairclough, 1918; Revised by GP Goold, 2000)

The morn had now dispell’d the shades of night,
Restoring toils, when she restor’d the light.
(John Dryden, 1697)