Collections of Translations & More

Collections of Translations

196 English translations (pre-1965) of Carpe Diem (Odes 1.11):

Isaac Waisberg, 2022, Horace’s Carpe Diem (PDF Book)

221 English translations (pre-1965) of Integer Vitae (Odes 1.22):

Isaac Waisberg, 2022, Horace’s Integer Vitae (PDF Book)

157 English translations (pre-1965) of Aequam Memento (Odes 2.3):

Isaac Waisberg, 2022, Horace’s Aequam Memento (PDF Book)

210 English translations (pre-1965) of Otium Divos (Odes 2.16):

Isaac Waisberg, 2022, Horace’s Otium Divos (PDF Book)

240 English translations (pre-1965) of Donec Gratus Eram (Odes 3.9):

Isaac Waisberg, 2022, Horace’s Donec Gratus Eram (PDF Book)

182 English translations (pre-1960) of Diffugere Nives (Odes 4.7):

Isaac Waisberg, 2021, Horace’s Diffugere Nives (PDF Book)

Hard to Find Translations of the Odes

J. S. Blake-Reed, 1942, Twentyfive Odes of Horace (PDF Book)
J. S. Blake-Reed, 1944, More Odes of Horace (PDF Book)
Harold Baily Dixon, 1910, Translations from The Odes of Horace (PDF Book)
Gardner Wade Earle, 1949, Moments With (and Without) Horace (PDF Book)
L. E. Gielgud, 1951, Horace in Modern Dress (PDF Book)
Edward Marsh, 1941, The Odes of Horace (PDF Book)

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