That Kind iv a Prophet

“A prophet, Hinnissy, is a man that foresees throuble. No wan wud listen a minyit to anny prophet that prophesized pleasant days. A successful weather prophet is wan that predicts thunder storms, hurrycanes an’ earthquakes; a good financial prophet is wan that predicts panics; a pollytickal prophet must look into th’ tea leaves an’ see th’ institutions iv th’ wurruld cracked wide open an’ th’ smiling not to say grinnin’, fields iv this counthry iv ours or somebody’s laid waste with fire and soord. Hogan’s that kind iv a prophet. I’m onhappy about to-day but cheerful about to-morrah. Hogan is th’ happyest man in th’ wurruld about to-day but to-morrah something is goin’ to happen. I hate to-day because to-morrah looks so good. He’s happy to-day because it is so pleasant compared with what to-morrah is goin’ to be. Says I: ‘Cheer up; well have a good time at th’ picnic next Saturdah’. Says he: ‘It will rain at th’ picnic.'” (Mr. Dooley Says)