The Newly Rich in Scientific Lore

“The newly rich in scientific lore insists that water is H2O and cannot be those shinning little diamonds that you see on the lawn. He is sure that the birds are not really singing, hopping, and flying about in a delightful way, because all they are doing is mating, feeding, and avoiding their enemies. His monogamous attachment to one idea is at the cost of putting his senses and his candor in escrow. For the sake of pursuing one sublime entertainment of the mind, he prohibits other, no less admirable entertainments and drives us to exclaiming with Blake: ‘May God keep us \\ From single vision and Newton’s sleep.’ The single vision, no matter which, will not satisfy all demands. Time passes differently in jail and in lovers’ meetings or dreamless sleep, and the clock time of a play bears no relation to that of the action scene.” (Jacques Barzun, Science: The Glorious Entertainment)